Marie Stopes Ladies

Our mobile nurses and midwives reach women with confidential and accessible services

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Our mobile midwives reach women with discreet and accessible services.

It is not only material conditions, like poverty and poor health provision, that prevent women from accessing short-term and long-term family planning methods.

Intangible obstacles like stigma from the community, or religious and cultural restrictions can also go a long way towards making these services difficult to access. These pressures can deter young women from seeking the services they need – particularly teenage girls, whose age makes them even more vulnerable to the effects of stigma and discrimination.

How do Marie Stopes Ladies help?

Marie Stopes Ladies reach women and young girls who need services that are discreet, accessible and affordable.

They are usually qualified midwives and nurses from the local community, or simply committed women from other walks of life, who work from home or visit clients in their homes.

Marie Stopes Ladies operate in specific catchment areas, providing high quality contraceptive services and post-abortion care. They are one of our most successful means of reaching women who are poor, young, living in restrictive environments, or not using any form of contraception.

“I did not know about contraceptives until women from Marie Stopes came to our community. Accepting to use contraceptives has changed my life a great deal.”

Other ways to access our services


Marie Stopes Medical Centre

Our centres offer a range of reproductive health services to urban communities.


Mobile outreach

Our mobile outreach teams offer a range of contraceptive services to hard-to-reach communities.


Social franchising

We also provide services through social franchise networks, allowing communities to access contraception from quality assured private pharmacies.