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Wellness Packages

Our preventive and wellness packages have been designed to screen all relevant health indicators and parameters to detect any unusual risk factors. We recommend regular health screenings to significantly improve our quality of life, by preventing the onset of infections and recommend the necessary treatments. At MSI Nigeria, we recognize these factors and have created affordable health screening packages for men and women. These packages were specially curated to suit various client needs. We also curate custom packages as well as provide additional/top up screenings based on requests.

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Sexual and reproductive health services

Sexual and reproductive health services provide a range of medical, educational, and counseling resources to support individuals in managing their sexual and reproductive well-being. These services include access to contraception, STI testing and treatment, fertility evaluation and counseling, pregnancy care, and education on sexual health topics such as consent, healthy relationships, and reproductive rights. By offering comprehensive care and support, sexual and reproductive health services empower individuals to make informed decisions about their bodies and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

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Women’s Health

Women’s health is the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and conditions that affect a woman’s physical and emotional well-being.

MSI Nigeria Reproductive Choices focuses on a wide range such as:

  • Family planning methods
  • Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • Abnormal Pap smears
  • HPV Vaccinations and Treatment 
  • Vaginal Health
  • Menstrual Health
  • Menopause
  • Planning and preparing for pregnancy, including information about proper diet, prenatal vitamins, and review of pre-existing medical conditions and medicines used
  • Miscarriage and Post-Abortion care
  • Fertility and Sub-Fertility Services

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Men’s health

Men’s health encompasses a range of physical, emotional, and social factors that contribute to overall well-being such as:

  • Contraception
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Sexual behaviors
  • Fertility evaluation and treatment, and care for conditions affecting the male reproductive system, such as erectile dysfunction, infertility, and testicular disorders.

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General health services

This includes Consultations, lab testing, and vaccinations for a wide range of general health concerns.

Our medical experts are trained to listen to, diagnose, and treat several health conditions that may occur in women and men of all ages.

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