Private Sector Engagement

We work with independent health care businesses to engage fragmented private providers to deliver high quality SRH services that contribute to national public health goals.


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Private Sector Engagement

Private Sector Engagement is a service delivery approach used by MSI in which small, independent health care businesses are organised into quality-assured networks.

MSION has created a private sector provider network under the brand name to engage otherwise fragmented private providers to deliver high quality SRH services that contribute to national public health goals. MSION’s Private clinic network leverages accredited private healthcare providers to offer quality FP and SRH services to low and middle-income clients in rural and peri-urban areas with high unmet need for Family Planning.

What is Private Sector Engagement?

Private Sector Engagement is changing the face of healthcare in the developing world.

In countries where the public health system is not strong, people resort to visiting private health clinics and pharmacists for their health needs. Social franchising is our own way of connecting with people through partnerships with private health clinics in various States of Nigeria.

Through our engagement, we continue to deliver a wide range of affordable and high quality contraceptives and family planning services, for a good cause rather than for profit.


Who do we reach?

Social franchising helps us to quickly scale-up access to services for poor and under-served people.

In Nigeria, we partner with private healthcare facilities that are already providing healthcare services to people at affordable rates. By expanding the services we provide greater choice to our clients.

We are innovating ways to further reduce the cost of these already subsidised services, by looking into financing mechanisms like vouchers to enable poorer clients to afford them.

We constantly ensure that the clinical quality and service delivery is consistently high across our social franchise network from State to State, thereby making it easy for our clients to walk into any of our social franchise clinics to access services wherever they find themselves.

Other ways to access our services


Marie Stopes centres

Our centres offer a range of reproductive health services to urban communities.


Marie Stopes Ladies

Marie Stopes Ladies are mobile midwives, working in the community or visiting clients at home.


Mobile outreach

Our mobile outreach teams offer a range of contraceptive services to hard-to-reach communities.


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