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Are you Sarah?

Reproductive health  •  30 March 2023  • 3 min read



Once upon a time, there was a woman named Sarah who was very concerned about family planning and contraception. She had heard many misconceptions about these topics and wanted to clear up some of the confusion.

One day, Sarah was at a party when she overheard a group of women talking about contraception. One of them said, “I heard that if you drink a lot of soda, it can prevent pregnancy.” Sarah couldn’t help but laugh at this statement. She explained to the women that there was no scientific evidence to support this claim, and that soda had no impact on fertility.

Another woman in the group said, “I heard that if you stand on your head after sex, it can help you get pregnant.” Sarah was baffled by this statement. She explained that standing on your head had nothing to do with fertility, and that getting pregnant had more to do with timing and ovulation.

As the night went on, Sarah heard more and more misconceptions about contraception and family planning. One woman said that using two condoms at once was a good way to prevent pregnancy. Sarah quickly corrected her, explaining that using two condoms actually increased the risk of them breaking or tearing.

Another woman said that you could tell if you were pregnant by holding a needle over your belly. If the needle moved in a circle, it meant you were pregnant. Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She explained that there was no scientific basis for this claim, and that the only way to know if you were pregnant was to take a pregnancy test.

At the end of the night, Sarah was exhausted from all the misconceptions she had heard. She realized that there was still so much misinformation out there about contraception and family planning. But she also knew that by speaking up and correcting these misconceptions, she could help educate others and promote safe and effective methods of contraception.

From that day on, Sarah made it her mission to spread accurate information about family planning and contraception by sharing the Marie Stopes Nigeria contact centre cards that has all the information you need.

From that day, she lived happily ever after, knowing that she had helped make the world a little bit smarter and safer.

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