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Male Condoms

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A condom is a thin, fitted tube worn over the penis during sex (male condoms) before sex to prevent pregnancy and protect you and your partner against STIs.

Fire Condom is a product of MSI Nigeria Reproductive Choices which has been tested and trusted to prevent unplanned pregnancies and reduce the outbreak of STIs.

At Fire Condom, we spend most of the day ensuring we deliver Intense, pleasurable and safe Sex.

In addition to offering uncompromising protection from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, you can make your intimate moments a tasteful experience and continue the game for a longer duration with a climax delay option.

What are the variants of Fire Condom?

Fire Condoms come in 3 exotic variants namely FIRE XTACY, FIRE XTRA and FIRE XOTICA which offer unique experiences and premium protection.

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Fire Xtra

FIRE XTRA is an effectively lubricated Condom for a smoother experience that is made from non-allergic natural rubber latex which helps to promote longer-lasting pleasures to leave an impression.

Fire Xtra is super dotted, flavoured and has extra time lubricant for a longer-lasting experience.

Fire Xotica 

FIRE XOTICA is another unique variant of the Fire Condom that drives the mood with greater stimulation.  

Fire Xotica is strawberry-flavoured and is ribbed for greater stimulation.   

Fire Xtacy

FIRE XTACY is a special condom pack as it comes with features which can drive your sweetheart crazy and the kind of excitement that she feels with this condom is so great that she will insist on this condom and will always ask for more and more every time.

Fire Xtacy is contoured, flavoured, ribbed and studded for a pleasurable experience.