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Leaving no one Behind

Stories  •  30 June 2020  • 2 min read



Faith Adesina Rosemary is the Marie Stopes Community Mobiliser (CMO) working in Oyo and mobilizing for the Public Sector Strengthening Channel.

On the 5th of March, 2020 while she conducted house to house mobilization at Moniya, Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo state in preparation for SAFIRE training practical session. She was directed by some concerned neighbours to visit a house where Mrs Eleshin Sadiat, a 30-year-old physically challenged woman lives. The neighbours were concerned that she had six children and was finding it difficult to cater for the children.

Mr Eleshin Kazeem, the husband of Sadiat is an Okada rider (motorcyclist) who leaves home every morning in search of daily bread for the family. Sadiat is not employed and does not have any business.

Sadiat who was breastfeeding a one-month-old baby when Faith the CMO met her at her home said that the last baby came by chance. She explained that she was on a traditional method of family planning (the ring) that failed and did not know she was pregnant till months after.

After the CMO’s conversation with her on why Marie Stopes is empowering women and couples to have children by choice and not by chance, Sadiat said she was ready to prevent unintended pregnancy and wanted to go to the facility that same day for family planning.

On March 6th, the day for the SAFIRE training practical, Faith the CMO visited Sadiat’s house to wheel her down to the facility who due to the bad road could not wheel herself to the facility. After counselling, she chose the Jadelle and was happy she took that decision. A week after taking up a method, Sadiat called Faith the CMO to refer two of her friends whom she spoke to about Marie Stopes Nigeria’s services. Since that day she has been referring women to the facility for family planning services.



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