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Nkoro’s Journey to Healing Through Post Abortion Care

Nkoro, had experienced the joy of pregnancy and the anticipation of carrying a baby in her womb for months. But after months of carrying the precious life within her, the unthinkable happened.



8 March 2024  •  3 m read

The Periodic Table: A Menstrual Health Edition

The menstrual cycle is a fundamental part of the female reproductive system and helps to communicate different…


30 June 2020  •  5 m read

My Journey with STI

Do not let STI spoil your love life, talk to us.


30 June 2020  •  2 m read

Leaving no one Behind

Faith Adesina Rosemary is the Marie Stopes Community Mobiliser (CMO) working in Oyo and mobilizing for the Public…


22 May 2020  •  4 m read

When the Music Stopped

It all starts with the discussion about SEX.


21 May 2020  •  4 m read

Christy Esom: Family Planning Critic Turned Advocate

on the 13th of June 2017, Christy had a life-changing encounter with Marie Stopes Nigeria outreach team. Find out more.

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